For the Love of Teachers

Teachers have a pretty hard job – after all, it can’t be easy dealing with kids all day long! I’ve had enough of mine after every weekend!


All joking aside, some of my friends are teachers, and although they love their work, they often complain about some of the things that they have to deal with. Interestingly, although badly behaved children do feature on the list, some of the things that they complain about are a bit surprising. For example, back pain. I never really thought of back pain being something that teachers would have to deal with, but apparently, it’s surprisingly common, especially among my friends who teach elementary school as they have to bend down a lot to talk to the smaller children.


Also, quite frequently, they have no proper chair in their classrooms to use, and so often end up sitting on one of the children’s chairs. While that’s fine for those who teach older year groups, for some of my friends who teach kindergarten and the lower grades, it’s no wonder that they end up with a back problem!


I’ve decided that I want to help teachers to resolve this problem, and so I’ve decided to donate some good quality chairs to our local school so that the teachers can have more comfortable classrooms and can get more done. After all, you can’t be very productive when you’re in pain all day!


I’ve been doing some research so I can find the best office chair for lower back pain, and I’ve found a few great contenders that I’m trying to choose between.


Steelcase Leap V2

Steelcase Leap V2

Although this isn’t an especially cheap office chair, it is one of the top rated executive chairs on the market for lower back pain. With lots of impressive features, it’s possible to adjust this chair to achieve complete comfort and with its traditional design, it works well in any school environment. Although it has a streamlined and classic-looking shape, it comes with plenty of ergonomically designed features including a firm lumbar support which is adjustable to fit the user perfectly.


The high back supports the shoulders well, and as the back also has a range of motion, it adjusts to contour to the back throughout the working day. The foam cushioning is flexible and yet breathable to avoid sweating and excess heat, and the tilt settings can be adjusted in a unique way to ensure that you won’t strain your neck and eyes when using a computer. The infinitely adjustable armrests ensure better comfort, and this chair also rotates a full 360degrees and can go up and down thanks to pneumatics. There are even several colors to pick from. On the downside, there is a short warranty period, and the build quality isn’t especially sturdy.


Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

This iconic chair is innovative and pioneering. Combining traditional aesthetics with a professional look, this modern chair is packed with features including a fully adjustable lumbar support, a pellicle mesh suspension and infinite adjustments. This award-winning chair received the Design of the Decade award during the 1990s, which is hardly surprising considering that the seat depth, the height, the back support, the tilt and the armrests can all be adjusted. This chair comes in three sizes, which is great since it’s possible to get one to match each user to minimize back pain.


With a waterfall edge, this chair maintains optimal blood flow to the legs, while the lumbar attachment supports the lower back well. Thanks to the pellicle mesh suspension to the back and seat of the chair, the body remains well supported while relieving tension and dissipating heat for less sweat. This very sturdy chair is USA made and is constructed from high-quality materials including solid aluminum and real leather.


Durable and long-lasting, this model is also protected by a long 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, and for those who are worried about their carbon footprint, this chair is also a great choice since it is made in an eco-friendly factory. There are several weaves, trim options and colors to pick from and there are even customizable castors to suit the needs of different flooring types. On the downside, this chair is costly.


I’m still trying to decide which chair to buy, but when I do, I’m sure the teachers will be delighted!